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Since 1998, we have been providing real-time solutions to customers in the utility, power generation, transmission, distribution, pulp and paper, water management, and pharmaceutical industries. Our mission is to help customers maximize the value of their existing assets through the prudent application of technology.

Our staff of professionals has familiarity with the OSIsoft PI System™ from many perspectives, not just as integrators, but also as system administrators, developers, and end-users. We understand the nuances of designing, deplo​ying, and managing systems in organizations with as few as one s​erver to enterprises with fleets of servers.

Through our close working relationship with OSIsoft we are able to apply our knowledge to your problem using industry standards and best practices. Our staff includes several OSIsoft Certified PI System Infrastructure Specialists and PI System Installation Specialists to provide assistance in expanding and evolving the role of the PI System in meeting your strategic business goals and user information requirements.


Unlike other integration vendors, implementing and improving PI systems is our singular function, and doing this in the utility industry is our area of excellence. Being absolutely focused on OSIsoft system integration and customization sets DLL apart from all other vendors who merely dabble in this space. This provides our customers with unsurpassed efficiency in the execution of projects due to our constant involvement with the products and their everchanging capabilities.

Integration, Not Just Installation

We believe that server installation and system integration are not equal, and mere installation does not provide the customer with the best return on their software investment. Bring DLL's project experience in integrating PI with EMS, SCADA, DCS, substation IED's and data concentrators, LIMS, maintenance management, ERP, RDBMS, and other specialized systems to your team.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Our project methodology is simple: provide customers with what they ask for. We realize that customer needs come in different sizes and not all projects require feasibility studies, massive requirements documents, and twelve month project plans. We have the experience and skills to provide this level of detail when required, but it is not our goal to turn a three day job into a lifetime project.

Matching Technologies to Requirements

What is the PI Asset Framework, and what can it do for me? PI Event Frames at a combined-cycle plant, why? What can PI Interfaces for System Monitoring do for me that my IT departments tools aren't doing? We need to improve system reliability, availability, and implement a disaster recovery plan, what are our options? These, and others like them, are very common questions that we hear from customers around the world. Let our project experience help you unders​tand the technologies that are available, and which ones may best serve your business needs.

OSIsoft Product Application Experience

  • PI Data Archive
  • PI Asset Framework
  • PI Asset Analytics
  • PI Event Frames
  • PI Notifications
  • ​PI Vision
  • PI ProcessBook
  • PI DataLink
  • PI Integrator for Esri® ArcGIS®
  • PI Integrator for Business Analytics
  • PI OPC DA and HDA Server
  • PI Batch
  • Advanced Computing Engine (ACE)
  • PI WebParts™
  • PI Manual Logger™
  • PI OLEDB Provider

PI Interface and Connector Experience

  • Bailey Infi90
  • Bailey semAPI
  • DNP3
  • PI-to-PI
  • PI UFL
  • Performance Monitor
  • Ping
  • ICCP
  • ABB/Ventyx SCADA
  • GE/Areva HabConnect
  • Emerson Ovation
  • Cybectec / Cooper SMP
  • Siemens Spectrum PowerTG
  • Siemens Teleperm XP via XU
  • C37.118 Synchrophasor
  • Fast Fourier Transform


Direct Access™ Toolbox for OSIsoft® PI System®


The Direct Access Toolbox simplifies the integration of MATLAB® with data in users' PI System installations. Optimized for throughput and designed for flexibility, DirectAccess will reduce the execution time of users' data-intensive algorithms. Data is imported as numeric vectors, not as cells, so it is immediately usable by existing MATLAB functions. The functions and parameters use a syntax that is common and intuitive amongst applications for the PI System.

Direct Access is a toolbox written for MATLAB that uses the AF SDK from OSIsoft to read and write PI System data. Since the AF SDK is the lowest level mechanism for communicating directly with the PI System, Direct Access improves performance by eliminating extra hops, data type conversions, recordset packing and unpacking, and cell2mat calls that are often required with OLEDB, ODBC, and REST techniques.

This toolbox is valuable to existing users of the PI System that might also use MATLAB to analyze their process data, as well as existing MATLAB users who require access to data that is stored in the PI System. Since both products are widely used in virtually every industry, the target users are the intersection of all OSIsoft and MathWorks customers.

Compatible with 32 and 64-bit Windows® installations with AF SDK 2.6 or later


  • ​Connects MATLAB to the PI System for the reading and/or writing of data related to PI Asset Framework Attributes, PI Data Archive Points, as well as lists of either.
  • Supports compressed, sampled, summary, archived, snapshot, and calculated data
  • Returns vectors and matrices for primitive data types​​
  • Supports server-side data filtering options
  • Optimized for low overhead and fewer over-the-wire calls
  • Provides secure data access using Microsoft Active Directory and standard PI System configuration
  • Datetime is the native timestamp return type, which includes flexible timezone support

Additional Information

​Click HERE to see the toolbox being demonstrated during the OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2012 ​Conference in San Francisco as part of the "Automated Pattern Recognition for PI Data Using MATLAB" presentation.

Click HERE for to download the product datasheet.​​​

ISO Market Data Downloaders


The Downloaders suite provides system administrators with the ability to configure routine scheduled downloads of market information from Independent System Operators (ISO) within the US, enabling pertinent data to be published to your PI System using the PI Universal File Loader (PI-UFL) interface.


  • Automatically downloads ISO and other web files to your local system for processing by the PI UFL interface
  • Runs as a Windows service or interactively from the command-line
  • Native support for forecast, hour-ahead, and day-ahead markets using "future" data tags when used with PI Data Archive 2015 R2 or later
  • Uses a plugin model to provide access to an extensible catalog of data sources, such as:
    • PJM (public data and eDataFeed)
    • ISONE
    • NYISO
    • CAISO
    • ​​NOAA Weather
  • Each plugin comes complete with the appropriate PI UFL interface settings file and tag configuration settings strategy to enable quick and easy data integration
  • The PI UFL interface itself must be licensed separately and directly from OSIsoft

Additional Information

Please contact us for further information regarding market data integration with your PI System.


The success of DLL Solutions could not be fully realized without the relationships we have built and nurtured with our partners. We are proud to provide a mutual extension of the many outstand​ing software products and services that are provided by these partners to so many​ customers around the globe. It is our privilege to serve each of our own customers using the same quality and standards of professionalism as our partners who continue to prove that they are the "best in the business".

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Available Positions

Senior Application Engineer

DLL Solutions has an opening for a salaried/full-time position of Senior Application Engineer working remotely. If you are a well-organized self-starter with deep project experience involving the integration and application of the OSIsoft PI System in the fossil / nuclear / renewable generation, T&D, or similar industries - we invite you to take the next step toward joining our team.

A BS in Engineering is required, an MS in Engineering is preferred - plus 5 years of experience in PI System integration, migration, interfacing, data analysis, and troubleshooting. Excellent oral and written communication skills, project planning, requirements gathering, and the ability to travel up to 50% are also required.

Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications. Must be able to work in the US without sponsorship.

Send comprehensive resume, including professional references, via email to

Systems Development / Historian Engineer

DLL Solutions has an opening for a salaried/full-time position of Systems Development / Historian Engineer. This position requires complete fluency of the core Python language, as well as at least four years of experience with Amazon Web Services including, but not limited to, IoT, DynamoDB, Lambda, and Pinpoint. Experience with the Microsoft Azure ecosystem and relevant services is highly preferable. The focus of this position will be the creation and development of systems using historian databases and interfaces, particularly OSIsoft PI. Solid experience in web development and programming languages such as JavaScript, C/C++, Vue.js, Java, and Unix systems is highly preferred.

BS in Engineering is required, although an MS in Engineering is preferred. Excellent oral and written communication skills, project planning, requirements gathering, and the ability to travel are also required.

Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications. Must be able to work in the US without sponsorship.

Send comprehensive resume, including professional references, via email to

DLL Solutions / Engement Company, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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